Avid Nexis Hires Growing

Video Europe were the first people to hire out the Avid Nexis shared storage hardware and we have been busy! Thanks to the well known Avid ISIS interface, clients instantly know their way around configurations and it can sink straight into ongoing projects and fast turn around events. We no longer work in an environment in which one edit platform or VFX application is enough, thanks to Avid Nexis supporting all the usual suspects, collaborative workflows have never been easier, clients are dipping into Adobe Media Encoder to convert an odd video format, Adobe After Effects to add some assets, then putting everything into their Avid Media Composer project to continue the edit.

We have set up the Nexis system in plenty of racks in MCR’s around Soho but we it has also been required in some much more unique locations so far including a ‘pop-up post house’ in the middle of a field!

Our Edit team are always keen to help out where we can and demo our latest kit, why not get in touch and come down to our test room and we can show you why you should be hiring the Avid Nexis for your next production.

The best equipment is nothing without the support behind it, which is why our team are trained by Avid to ensure we give you the best service out there.