Egripment Universal Dolly

£125 per day

Key West Magic Dolly

£75 per day

Sk8plate Camera Dolly

£100 per day

Wally Dolly

£60 per day

Ronford Baker 48″ Slider

£150 per day

MYT Works Small Glide Rail 3ft

£100 per day

Prosup Tango Roller

£125 per day

Kessler 5ft Cineslider

£100 per day

Oracle Controller for above
Egripment Genie Jib

£100 per day

Key West Jix System

£100 per day

Magliner Senior Cart

£50 per day

Magliner Gemini Junior Cart

£40 per day

Cinesaddle Marsupial

£30 per day

Set of Matthews Apple Boxes

£25 per day

Cinesaddle Marsupial Added to kit list