Gucci Cruise 2017

Having hosted 16 royal weddings as well as every coronation since 1066, Westminster Abbey has seen its fair share of extraordinary outfits, but until the first look from Gucci’s 2017 cruise collection appeared on the flagged cloisters, a thousand years of pageantry at the abbey had not included a fashion show, Video Europe provided the kit for this historic event.

If Gucci’s creative director, Alessandro Michele, was intimidated by putting his clothes on display a few feet from the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior, under the same roof as the burial place of 17 British monarchs, eight prime ministers, Geoffrey Chaucer and Charles Dickens, it did not show. The presentation was glorious, charming, surreal, and not so much eccentric as completely unhinged.

VE provided 5 x Arri Alexa Mini’s and an Arri Amira to capture the runways, The Mini’s were discreetly operated from hot heads with a variety of Cabrio 85-300’s and Canon CN7’s to give the director as much flexibility as possible. We also had Cooke S4i’s on the roaming Mini and the stationary Amira. The images were all fed 120m to a video village in the back of the Abbey where the director called the shots. Well executed by a top crew, It was great to be involved in such an highly ambitious shoot.