IBC 2016 Round Up

IBC in Amsterdam came with a typically impressive level of significant announcements. Probably one of the most notable was Canon’s new C700 camera which has brought them into the cine-style modular camera market. The C700 boasts all the mod-cons you’d come to expect from this type of camera: internal 4K, 15 stops of latitude, high frame rates (240fps), various lens mounts, OLED viewfinder – but with the C700, Canon have teamed up with Codex to form an external recorder which mounts to the camera (similar to the Sony AXS recorder), this will utilise the standard Codex Digital workflow, and enable to recorder to write 12-bit 4K-resolution raw sensor data to Codex Digital Capture Drive 2.0 SSDs at up to 120 fps. XF-AVC or ProRes files can be recorded in-camera, simultaneously, for almost any workflow options.

Another announcement was from ARRI and their long awaited release of the Master Grips – these are digital zoom and focus demands that work directly with ARRI cameras. If you’re using a Canon CN7 or Cabrio 19-90mm, the grips can be mounted like moosebars and plug directly into the Amira or Alexa Mini.

The Angenieux stand also had some updates with their new Type EZ Series lenses – these have been made much faster and lighter than the Optimo range, but come with some tricky mathematics for the user. The Type EZ-1 lens is a 3 x Optical zoom lens with a 30-90mm focal length and 1.9 f-stop built for Super35 sensors (such as the Sony FS7 & F55), however Angenieux have come up with a nifty trick of selling an optional replacement rear mount and element which allows the light to hit a larger sensor area on cameras such as the RED Dragon, this would then change the lens to a 45-135mm F2.8! Similarly the EZ-2 would be a 15-40mm F1.9/T2 on Super35 and 22-60mm F2.8/T3 Full Frame.