We love the new Arri Master Grips

After first setting our eyes on the Arri Master Grips at IBC last year we couldn’t wait to have a set available for rental, we knew our clients would love them. Arri really found a perfect solution for problems every shoot experiences when they try and shoot a ‘cine’ look with ‘ENG’ methods. In today’s industry, the previously separate worlds of cine and documentary equipment have merged. In addition, small cameras like the Alexa Mini have a reduced user interface and require external camera controls. This has created demand for solid, cine-style camera hand grips with documentary-style controls.

Based on the classic Arriflex hand grips trusted by generations of filmmakers, the Master Grips follow a proven ergonomic design. With controls that are easy to reach and yet protected from accidental triggering, they are extremely kind on the body during long periods operating handheld .Constructed around a lightweight magnesium cast housing, the Master Grips are solid, rugged and reliable.

The Master Grips provide full control of focus, iris and zoom settings on cine lenses, including adjustable motor speed, zoom response and motor limits. They also offer a comfortable way to control the integrated servo motors of ENG and EF lenses. Mounted on tripod pan arms or studio pedestal heads, the Master Grips can be used as focus and zoom demands for multi-camera setups, such as when using the Amira in Multicam mode.

Master Grips are available now from £250 per day