New Nexis Pro Engines

Video Europe were the first U.K company to hire the Avid Nexis E4 engines last year and they have been busy thanks to their improved performance, physical size and also their additional reliability. Our Avid 5000 and 5500 engines are still workhorses and will continue to be until post houses begin to switch over to the Nexis hardware which may not be too long now that Avid stopped selling them directly at the end of last year.

Often the Avid 5000 engine and the E4 are overkill for the required job, to begin a project when you only have several Terabyte’s worth of data means a large investment from the outset, not only that but the Enterprise and ISIS engines are rather large and noisy for small workplaces and pop up productions that don’t have an MCR to reduce noise. Due to these reasons, we now have the Avid Nexis Pro engine available to hire, with a storage capacity of 20TB and expandable to 80TB allows the hire to grow alongside the job. The Nexis Pro is also ideal for events that last several days thanks to the portability of the hardware.

If you are interested in discussing a hire or a workflow please don’t hesitate to call the Post production rental department at Video Europe!