Editing From Home

Fifteen years ago, Video Europe were regularly installing edit suites within people’s places of residence, most commonly due to tight budget and time constraints placed on smaller production companies.
Our engineers would jump in the van and head across town to various locations, be it manor house or flat share. Even the narrowest of staircases did not deter them from lugging huge CRT monitors and lead-weight storage into bedrooms, kitchens and even hallways allowing editors to complete much needed cuts without sacrificing time or quality.
As technology advanced and equipment became more accessible to production companies, more of them took the initiative to build their own suites. Post houses had to decrease their rates to compete with in-house workflows and the days of the home install started to become a distant memory.
Fast track to today and due to the unfortunate situation the country finds itself in, most post-houses and production companies have sadly had to close their doors. This however has not decreased the demand for projects to be completed and editing needs to continue.
For Video Europe it now looks like things have gone full circle and our engineers are back on the road carrying everything from Macbooks to Avid Nexis Servers through front doors and up narrow staircases. Even the smallest of kitchen sinks can’t shy away from becoming a logging station complete with Zbook, card readers and display!
So, if you find yourself in the daunting position in which you have a deadline to meet and nowhere to cut your project, it might be wise to make some space on the kitchen table and give us a call!