Here to Heart

VE CREW were approached by Weli Creative to supply crew, equipment and transport for Here to Heart – a Chinese drama series. We provided 2x Alexa Minis with a set of Arri Master Primes and 2x Arri WCU-4 wireless follow focus units. Grip requirements included a Ronford 4ft slider, Ronin Pro stabiliser Gimbal, Egripment Universal dolly and 20ft jib. The cast and crew arrived from China to shoot in various locations across London and Cambridge. We facilitated a two day camera test for the full crew in our custom-built demo suite, which allowed their team to familiarise themselves with the equipment and enabled us to prep the kit to their requirements. Working with just one translator amidst a large team brought with it its own set of new challenges, but VE CREW’s in-house assistants were involved from the outset to ensure the smooth running of the shoot throughout. The production returns to the UK for more shooting in 2018, so we look forward to welcoming them back later this year.