Bridge the gap between production and post

Video Europe were approached over a year ago to create a workflow that would allow capture of over 10 cameras with the ability to take the material straight to edit suites and be ready for cutting straightaway.  After looking into the multitude of options available we decided upon using the Quadrus ingest system. This allowed us to capture at a codec the clients were used to (XDCAM) while ingesting all material to an external shared storage platform (Avid Nexis). We would capture for approximately 8 hours everyday, data wranglers then created automated backups of the material to additional external drives for redundancy and after several weeks of recording, we transported the shared storage to the location of the edits, plumbed it into the network infrastructure and the material was editable for multiple editors in a matter of minutes, no re-linking, no ingesting of cards or discs, saving in man-hours, time and money.

So, next time you have a project, whether it is a short turnaround shoot, or a much longer capture. Get in touch with us to discuss how we can make things cheaper, and easier. Speak to or call us on 0207 622 5550