Large Format lands at VE

In our industry trends are forever changing, in recent years 3D failed miserably, VR is currently failing and can’t have long left and Anamorphic has made a comeback in its availability to the masses… and yet manufacturers are still trying to give us new ways to capture and make rental houses spend money! Without a doubt the transition from 35mm/16mm to digital capture has been a huge success, your average TV show now has feature film quality depth of field and pretty visuals. The original Alexa came out over 6 years ago, the original RED came out 10 years ago… so it’s no wonder that both manufacturers are now offering us the step above, Large format. Sony joins RED and Arri in releasing a Large Format camera in 2018 and it’s going to be interesting to see how things play out… Sony may struggle, a lot of people in high end production lost faith in their tame F55 offering and the awkward F65, Arri’s Alexa LF comes off the back of the incredibly successful Alexa Mini where people have got use to the compact size and may perhaps choose to stay away from LF due to its footprint and RED have got the big sensor in the tiny body… but they’ve lost a lot of the market to the Alexa and people still fear its workflow.

NAB2017 was a strange affair, walking around the halls looking at LF glass offerings from Sigma, Angenieux, Cooke, Leica, Zeiss and placing orders for sets of lenses which would be working on unknown sensors. Fast forward a few months and we now know the 3 main cameras these glass will be working on but I think it will take another 12 months for the winners and losers to become established. Arri have played it safe using the same sensor technology and enabling 4K so the sensible money would be on them, but who knows if the right lenses on the Venice or Monstro will yield incredible results.

Video Europe has bought in bulk with multiple Alexa LF’s, Sony Venice’s and RED Monstro 8K’s already ordered, we’ve decided to go with the premium Leica Thalia’s and Cooke S7’s as well as a CP3’s for the lower budgets. Monstro and Venice are already in stock as are the CP3’s and Thalia’s, so get in touch to come and test them at your local VE branch, just remember to bring a good focus puller 😉