OB7 is the first UHD HDR OB facility to fully support the Arri Amira cameras offering a cinematic experience to a live production.

Video Europe are one of the largest suppliers of Arri cameras and PL mount lenses in the world so when it was decided to build a new OB vehicle for VE it made sense to bring digital cinema into live OB’s. This presented some technical challenges the main one being how to turn an Arri Amira camera which has been designed to work as a single camera in a film environment to a multi camera operation working in an outside broadcast vehicle.
Working closely with Arri and Digital Television Systems who have developed a fibre transport system which works over SMPTE hybrid fibre cable and offers all the video, communication and control that would be required when working with a broadcast system camera.

OB7 is designed to work in Both HD-SDI and UHD-SDI. In order to route UHD-SDI the 2 Sample Interleave (2SI) outputs from the camera CCU (ARRI or Sony) are gear boxed using a Ross Ultrix converting the 2SI signal to UHD-SDI and then routed as UHD-SDI using a second Ultrix.
The main problem then is to find enough equipment manufacturers who support UHD-SDI
VE chose a SAM Kahuna 2ME vision mixer as this comes with HD-SDI and UHD-SDI inputs and can carry out any necessary up/down conversions within the unit. With the Fusion4 option it can also process HDR formats. To correctly view High Dynamic Range the production stack is UHD and is able to display PQ,HLG and Slog3. LUTs can be loaded when using LogC.
All Engineering monitoring is UHD-SDI and can display HDR. There is a DOP position in production which can be equipped with a reference monitor of choice, either a Sony BVM-X300 or Canon DP-V2420 both of which qualify as a Dolby Vision mastering monitors. Also available in the DOP position is a Leader LV5490 waveform monitor which has various HDR analysis displays and a CIE 1931 chromaticity chart for wide colour gamut indication.

If required the OB can record LogC or Slog3 onto EVS, AJA 4K SSD or onto Avid Nexis storage using a Quadrus Multichannel Ingest Machine. The Audio area has a Calrec Summa Console with 180 channel processing paths and is 5.1 capable

The Coachworks were carried out by WTS in Leeds and is built on a Mercedes Antos chassis with a single expanding side.