Vocas 0255-2000 Mattebox (MB-255)

£30 per day

Hire the Vocas 0255-2000 Mattebox (MB-255)

The MB-255 is a very lightweight and compact mattebox for use with DSLR and small cine lenses. It features a quick-lock mounting system that attaches directly to front lens barrels up to 114 mm. It can be used as clip-on ánd is suitable for 15 mm LWS rail support, via an optional bars adapter (0360-0100). This mattebox accommodates a 3” x 3” through a 4’’ x 6’’ filter and works with most wide-angle lenses in both 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios. It holds a maximum of two filters. It has one rotatable filter tray and one fixed filter tray on the back of the matte box. The Vocas patented internal eyebrows are integrated into the hood of the mattebox, for optimal flair control and reduction of reflections.