Avid Nexis | E4 Engine 60TB

£250 per day

Hire the Avid Nexis E4 60TB

For independent professionals, small post-production, house of worship, government, corporate, and media education environments, this professional-class standalone storage system can be used alongside other Avid NEXIS E-class storage engines, but not physically mixed with them.

Features NEXIS | FS file system which enables you to access, scale, customize, reconfigure, manage, protect, and secure your system, 60–120 TB of storage capacity with up to 2 Media Packs offering up to 800 MB/s of bandwidth. Modular field-replaceable storage engine controller, two hot-swappable SSDs for system configuration and metadata management, 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE), redundant power and cooling in a 4U rack-mountable chassis.