Video Europe were approached by Jim Holroyde at NonZero productions to provide Camera facilities to record a special gig at The Subterania Club in Notting Hill. The artists were The Staks Band featuring Beverley Knight, the client requested that we offer a more stylistic look than the lighting & set would otherwise offer.

The director sent us a reference video clip from a 16mm documentary that was filmed in the 70s. After preparing the basic structure on the ARRI custom look file, we arrived on set to discuss with the DoP Ben Frewin a way in which we can best match the type of lights and colour temperature to the desired look. We were able to change the visual feel in camera from cool blue to warm white, whilst keeping the skin tones true.

The cameras were racked on site, however one of the biggest challenges was to apply our bespoke ARRI ‘vintage’ look to a single roaming SONY F5 that came with one of the operators. VE Crew supplied 5  x ARRI Amira Cameras with Angenieux & Canon lenses, focus controls, comms & monitoring. We supplied 3 in house staff camera assistants supplemented by freelance camera operators.