The The – Royal Albert Hall

VE CREW recently worked with Black Label Productions on the revival tour of alternative 80s band The The. Playing for the first time in sixteen years, the band sold out the Albert Hall in a matter of minutes and we were there to film all the action! Working alongside legendary Music Director Tim Pope and Producer Jules Fennell, VE CREW were involved in all stages of production from the initial briefings and recces through to crewing, planning, shooting and post.

Our expert team of technicians covered all areas of the shoot and included unit managers, camera operators, gallery engineers, grips, sound recordists, assistants and riggers.

We supplied Arri Amira and Alexa Mini cameras, together with a selection of cine style lenses including: Angenieux 24-290s, Angenieux 28-340s, Canon CN20s and Fujinon 75-400s to cater for a wide variety of angles and camera positions. Panasonic UE70 remote head cameras were rigged on stage for the band’s close-ups. A Furio dolly was also supplied to enable remote controlled movement of one of the front of stage cameras.

We built a bespoke location gallery to enable camera racking, camera iris control, 4k vision mixing, ISO recording and full talkback functionality. We laid a multi-core cable back to the gallery to also ensure we had control over the live sound mix. All of these contributed to us being able to provide an edit-ready recording at the end of the show.

The gig provided a great opportunity to showcase VE CREW’s Digital Television System – our optical fibre broadcast video and audio transport set-up which offers native, uncompressed transmission of 4K video. By ensuring exceptional image quality with the look and feel of film, it is the perfect way to capture a true cinematic live event experience.