VR Workshop with VE Hire and GTC

Video Europe were requested to demonstrate the Nokia OZO and their experiences with VR and 360 shooting in the field for a workshop hosted by the Guild of Television Camera. Ollie Stratton who heads up our post production department described the key technologies involved in capturing VR/360 video and related post processing while demonstrating the capabilities of the Nokia OZO for Live streaming. Ollie was joined by Steve Cholerton and Colin Arnold at Figment Films who discussed their approach to storytelling in VR based upon their VR Projects at Thorpe Park among others. Robin Moore, head of innovation at BBC Wales gave a brief history and introduction into the VR in terms of video production including challenges the BBC have faced with capturing high quality 360 audio.

Head over to the GTC website for more information about upcoming workshops or check out one of their publications for more information on the event: http://www.gtc.org.uk/calendar/gtc-workshops.aspx

Video Europe are always keen to demonstrate and invest in the latest equipment and our test bay or demo room are here for just that purpose, whether it is testing the weight of a camera for a drone or working out the encode speed of a format on the latest Avid Media Composer we are here to help.