We love our new Cine Power HD-30 batteries

Why we love these batteries.

There is nothing worse than not having enough battery power on location. We have all been there, no time to charge, nowhere to charge, remote locations and ever power hungry equipment. That’s why we chose the Cine Power HD-30 batteries. With 480 watts at 15/30Ah you could run a lite panel for 6hrs!or the popular  Arri Skypanel at 50% power, same as 1Kw Tungsten for 2 hrs! The HD-30 batteries will run Arri Alexa LF/Red Monstro and Phantom Flex 4K for 4 hrs. The Cine Power batteries can also travel on airplanes as they are nickel metal hydride and can run 2 x 12v items at 30Ah or 28v at 15Ah. This makes them the best option when high or low load power is needed. They also have a life span or 5-6 years with the option to replace cells at a reasonable cost.