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Speed, cinematic, lightweight, digital cinema, wireless, run and gun multi-cam shoot, these are just a few words to describe the shooting on a recent large production VE Crew supported. VE Crew were honored to be selected again as the preferred rental house for season 4 of this well-known comedy film.

We arranged tests, listened to the crew & were happy to purchase the newest equipment to supplement our existing kit on the job. This included Arri’s new LMB 6×6 matte box, SmallHD’s 703 bolt wireless monitor, 150 Bebop batteries and many other well-known brands to help the Film crew move seamlessly from one scene to the next.

The crew had very little time to rig and de-rig the cameras, so production requested that we come up with a solution that could easily adapt from the heavy Angenieux 24-290mm on sticks to a lightweight over the shoulder run and gun “ENG” style rig. VE crew was proud to be a part of designing the innovative “hybrid” solution that could adapt from 19mm to 15mm support at the flick of a release lever. This unique design meant we could slide off of a 24’’ dovetail onto a shoulder pad within seconds, no tools required.

Everything was wireless and compact, from the light panels to the Directors monitors. We used SmallHD’s new 703 bolt monitors with built-in receivers for the director, hot swap Bebop adapters with Bebop floor and V-mount batteries to power the equipment and Arri’s compact WCU-4 follow focus system for the lenses. The set was free of unnecessary cables and equipment.

The shoot was a great success both technically and visually. Watch this space for on-set reports from the DoP & Crew.